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Opening Reception: 5:30- 8:30pm, October 20, 2011

Remembering MAG is an invitational exhibition in celebration of the guild’s 60th anniversary and coinces with MAG’s November 12th symposium, Forging Communities, at the Oakland Museum. Selections from the MAG Permanent Collection will be shown alongside work from founding members Tex Gieling, merry renk, and Florence Resnikoff. The exhibition will also showcase past MAG Presidents work from the era they were president as well as a piece that represents their current aesthetic. Historical documents and photos tracing MAG’s early years will be part of the exhibit.

Participating Artists:

Imogene Tex Gieling, merry renk, Florence Resnikoff, Alison Antelman, Jim Binnion, Cynthia Baloni, Adam Clark, Jo-Ann Maggiora Donovan,  Eileen Gerstein, Aimee Golant, Richard Gompf,  Helen Kirshner, Ken Cook, Deborah Lozier, Emma Macchiarini, Daniel Marchiarini, Peter Macchiarini, Virginia Marchiarini, Tina Rath, Marleen Seckendorf, Helene S’French, Julia Turner,  more to come…

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