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Jewelry Appraisal

Jewelry Appraisal – Service Details


“I found Rotem via these Yelp reviews and was very pleased with his service.  He was able to schedule me in quickly, turned the report around in the promised time, the report was very professional, and his cost was reasonable.  I would recommend Rotem for your appraisal needs.”

Suzanne T.

“It isn’t easy to find an independent jewelry appraiser these days, and especially one that knows their stuff! Rotem is an all around great guy- professional, considerate, and 100% trustworthy. I work in the fine jewelry business as well and have found that many appraisers are simply in the business of writing you a piece of paper for insurance, without having any real knowledge of buying/selling jewelry. Rotem has worked in the industry for years and will provide you accurate and good information. He is genuine and reputable. Definitely a great guy to see if you are getting around to insuring your jewelry, or just updating old appraisals! “

Anne J

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