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Anniversary Gift Guide

Anniversary Gifts by Year

Rich in symbolism, these gift traditions have become chrished markers for the journey of married life. Discover artist-made anniversary gifts that put a creative twist on traditional themes.

Anniversary Traditional Our Inspiration
1st Paper and Clocks Art prints are a fresh, original take on the traditional gift of paper, while artist-made clocks keep the time with panache.
2nd China and Porcelain A distinctive couple deserves something unique—artist-made servingware, candlesticks, and sculpture created from fine porcelain and ceramic.
3rd Crystal and Glass From exquisite hand-blown stemware to breathtaking sculpture, a work of art in crystal or glass is a gift to be treasured.
4th Fruit and Flowers For a creative twist on a gift of fruit and flowers, give artwork inspired by these symbols of beauty and abundance.
5th Wood Whether rustic or refined, wood artwork has great warmth and organic beauty—a perfect gift to enliven a couple’s home.
10th Tin and Aluminum From stunning clocks to sculpture, artwork made of tin, aluminum, and other metals is a gleaming gift to honor a decade of marriage.
15th Watches A unique, artist-made watch is a thoughtful way to honor your time spent together.
20th Platinum From exquisite jewelry to platinum-glazed ceramics, discover gleaming gifts of art in this rare and precious metal.
25th Silver From handcrafted jewelry to glittering art glass, silver artwork is an exquisite gift to mark this significant milestone.
30th Pearl Whether gleaming in jewelry or adorning a unique work of art, pearls have an entrancing luster for a gift that is sure to be cherished.
40th Ruby From ruby gemstones to fiery red glass, these works of art celebrate the warmth of a love that continues to grow.
50th Gold Works of art in gleaming gold commemorate a relationship that continues to shine.
60th Diamond With its brilliance, purity, and strength, a diamond is a perfect symbol for a relationship that has stood the test of time.


“They were absolutely awesome to work with. I visited four times to get the perfect ring. They helped me go through the special-order catalogs for the ring and the setting  (my wife was specific in what she wanted) and assembled the final product beautifully, in time for our anniversary. My wife loves it! We will definitely be coming here again!”Pierre G.

“Yan is fabulous to work with. She helped design a custom diamond band using locked wax, and it is perfect. Can’t recommend Lireille highly enough.”

Elyse B.

“My partner and I had been to several jewelry stores in search of a pair of commitment bands and our search ended with Lireille. Yan was so kind, helpful and attentive. We found a pair of rings that we liked and she offered to contact the artist directly to meet with us and customize our rings. So, a week later, we met with the artist (Monica Schmid), explained what we wanted and Monica agreed to make our commitment bands. Yan coordinated a second meeting with Monica to do a fitting and we picked up our commitment bands a couple weeks later. Now we have an absolutely beautiful pair of commitment bands custom made for us. All of the jewelry in the gallery is absolutely beautiful and my partner has since purchased another piece that she loves. Every time we stop by it is hard not to leave with something new. Yan remembers us by name and is always so authentically kind.”

Sarah B


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