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Monica Schmid

Monica Schmid is a Bay Area metal artist who is currently showing her new enamel work at Lireille – Gallery of Contemporary Jewelry and Art in Oakland. Her new designs consist of works created in 2012, the last year of her studies at California College of the Arts in Oakland. This is how Schmid describes her work: “Seductive and unsuspected colors, stylized forms, textures, and stones offer a perfect palette to create wearable paintings. I use forms and textures like a painter. I draw my inspiration by envisioning lines and shapes and then sketching them with my eyes closed. The unexpected distortions are my vocabulary for forms.”
Schmidʼs approach to jewelry making is influenced by her Swiss background. The stylized Scandinavian designs that emerged while she was growing up continue to dictate the shapes she creates. Her jewelry demands attention and promotes conversations. The wearer is encouraged to form unique reactions to the abstract nature of her work. Elegance and simplicity define the essence of each piece

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