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Melton Studio


Melton Metals Studio is the place artist Rebecca Melton gets to go when she wants to make a lot of noise, burn things, and hit things with hammers. And it’s good, too, because the result of all this effort is simple, sophisticated, and modern jewelry.

Originally Rebecca started out to be a painter who created a lot of figurative work but was an abstract minimalist at heart. Eventually, she found that she could create the type of work she wanted and wear it, too. Metalsmithing was her doorway to the physicality of art and the finesse of jewelry making. By combining simple elements of shape and texture with steel and fine metals, she is able to create modern jewelry that catches the eye.

While Rebecca loves working in the solitude her studio provides she also enjoys the teaching environment at the Multnomah Arts Center. There, she is surrounded by talented students she is lucky to teach the art of metalsmithing to and through them, is challenged to learn new and innovative ways to create. 

With two legged and four legged children, teaching, a studio, and a household to run, Rebecca understands how lucky she is to be a working artist.  Having someone choose to adorn herself with her work is a compliment and drives her to continue on making noise and playing with fire.

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