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Luana Coonen

Luana Coonen

Luana was born and raised in Hawaii, living a simple and creative life in her natural living in a densely populated city, and the tropics of Hawaii.  Never before this point had she realized her strong affiliation with nature and organic growth patterns. Realizing there was less natural growth in her concrete surroundings she found even the smallest flower or blade of grass more valuable than ever. She began focusing on how to express these overwhelming emotions through her artwork, finding ways within her jewelry to amplify these simple natural objects.

Now obsessively observing natural patterns, Luana began to notice nature’s selective palate. Presenting themselves in many forms in her everyday life, branching patterns became a notable theme in universal design. While on hikes, she noticed poetic arrangements of delicate branches and lichen. Within the city, beautiful cracks in the pavement distracted her. Collecting small natural objects and sketching patterns which display branching structures, great connections became apparent. These new lessons directly began to affect to her art and objects with her jewelry designs. Luana amplifies these seeming mundane objects by combining them with precious materials, bringing attention to these little specimens, so they are not muted in our urban environment. Her work becomes a daily reminder, placed directly on the body, that nature’s true and tested designs are our most valuable learning tools.

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