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Judith Hoff-Brooks

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Judith Hoff Brooks 40th Retrospective in Gold and Silver

Reception: Friday 6 – 8 pm, May 5, 2017
Exhibition Date: April 29 – July 5, 2017

A native Californian, Judith Hoff Brooks found an immediate passion in working in metals. Her work conveys personal and intimate messages. Design is her artistic vocabulary. The process and the message is how she feels most alive.

Judith has created five collections of Fine Art to wear. My jewelry is not merely about adornment, but Celebrating Life, Caring for the Spirit, Awareness, and tools for Healing. It is Jewelry of the Heart.

Simple Elegance
Caring for the Spirit,
Latch Pin Collection
Angel Armor & Earthly Delights
“Precious Memories”

The purpose of these collections is to remind us that we are not separate and alone. We have the power to heal ourselves and must become aware to reveal our own healing energies.

These thoughts have inspired and strengthened my art. I hand fabricate by marrying metals in 14K and 18K gold, fine and sterling silver, slate, precious and semi precious stones, and sometimes acrylic.
She embellishes the metal surfaces by etching plates and the roller prints, or embosses the designs into the metal.

“What appeals to me most in jewelry is an elegant, timeless quality….jewelry art that will not become outdated. Sometimes my work is worn and used as a reminder, a focal point for personal growth or personal healing or just for fun. Sometimes, to hold a memory, like a child’s expression of love in a drawing embossed into Silver or Gold.”

Judith resides in Lafayette, California where she has her private studio..

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